Monday, March 23, 2009

but they're so young...

So it has come to my attention how kids today are the most technologically inclined generation in society right now. Seriously though, as I walk down streets, through malls, and other public spaces I cannot help but see all these kids who stand no more than 4ft tall going at it on their Blackberry's, iPods and whatever other technological device that I am not even familar with. It is true that our society has become very interconnected, largely due in part to the power of wireless communication. However, how much is too much?

I remember when MSN, ICQ and instant chat in general was introduced. I think I was in grade 7, which means that would have been (oh jeeze...) about 9 years ago. As much as it was a very effective tool, I still was highly connected with the use of my telephone for verbal communication with my friends and family. Yet, as more chat websites and programs were developed, I found myself using less of the phone and becoming more relient on the Internet. And now that my cell phone has Internet, and wireless connections are found just about everywhere, I find myself only connecting through this technology.

The kids of today have only grown up with this technology. When we were kids, the Internet was just being developed into what it has become today. Therefore, we can still be familar with non-traditional (if you would even call it that) ways of communicating (for example: the phone, meeting up with someone to actually sit and talk with them, etc).

Does anyone else fear for the youth of today and generations to come? If we are so heavily relient on the Internet and other technologies now to communicate- who is to say it is not going to get worse. Companies are constantly finding ways to integrate the Internet into their products and devices- eliminating the need to interact on a more personal level. When people communicate in the public sphere over the Internet or text on their cell phones- they are losing all sense of personal communication. Messages and attitudes are mis-interpreted and it ultimately makes us become distant from society. If we are always hidden and talking to people over a screen of some sort and not making the effort to be with someone physically- we will lose all sorts of personality and social skills that we have.

I think it is scary to think that a 5 year old kid knows the ropes of the Internet better than I do. I think that there needs to be some regulation and child moderation in when they use the Internet. But is this even possible? Does anyone have any thoughts about this or am I the only one who fears for the youth of tomorrow?

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  1. This indeed has become quite the phenomenon. I can't even think of the sorts of gadgets and gizmos that will be in circulation amoung youth when we have children. It is unbelivable to think that our parents had none of the things growing up that we do now. It is inevitable that social skills are suffering becuase of the current youth- technology relationship. I think it is imporant to develop socially before developing technologically. Before we know it people wont even be meeting face to face anymore. It has already started and can only get worse with the current young generations using technology to the extent that they do. It is not natural for a human to be exposed to a computer or tv screen as much as we are. Our bodies take a technological beating everyday- this cannot be healthy for young children.